An ecological, contemporary art and educational project built by the citizens of Nashira in collaboration with local and international artists as well as educational institutions.

The vision of Nashira play and recreation ground is to use play and recreation as a source for pleasure and knowledge. It is an ecological and gender aware eduational playground for children and seniors to come together to share and to comfort. The playground for children coexists with the activity and recreation site for the elderly citizens of Nashira. At the same time as transmitting culture and history is being nurtured, through the flow from generation to generation, children are given care and attendance in their activities. Here seniors and elders are give a place to rest and be active. It is its own ecosystem, where humans are part of nature, through this source of power energy is generated. Play and activity elements such as bikes, wheels, surfaces etc. will serve power to other parts such as circulation of a water fountain, lights, etc.